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Fintos Referral Program

What is FRP?

FintOS Referral Program (FRP) is a reward points program that awards you for referring users and/or customers to FintOS. All products are directly sold by FintOS to users within our app. Your rewards will depend on how many loyal users/customers you have and the amount of products they’ve purchased each month!

Why join us?

High Reward Points

Earn higher level of reward points each month and exchange the points for exclusive benefits as a pay off for your great effort in referring new potential members to Fintos platform.

Flexible Timing, No Fixed Commitment

At FintOS, you can enjoy the liberty of choosing where and when to begin your work. Bid a farewell to bosses, strict schedules and welcome sheer freedom & flexibility.

Passive Income

Never have another moment of financial worry affect your day again. With FintOS, grab your opportunity to earn constant passive income by levelling up your ranks.

Skilled and Competent Support Team

FintOS comprises of only the best experts in their fields, ready to serve you with provided facilities such as debt management advisory, financial education, property management and more.

Wide Variety of Products

Peruse through our diverse range of products that helps enhance your quality of life. From coffee machines and capsules, all the way to water dispensers and other daily essentials.

Who can join us?

People who want to earn extra income

Build your own agency team

Flexible timing

How to join us?

Identify Your Needs

Choose 1 in 3 available packages (Normal/VIP/Agency)

Make Payment

  • Normal User – Free Download and Sign up
  • VIP/Agency – Subscription fee (RM3000)

Attend Training

  • Compulsory to attend designated training modules by FintOS Academy

Share & Repeat the Steps Constantly

Share the link with others and repeat the steps above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions by our users

  1. Download the FintOS application
  2. Complete your personal information in the Membership Registration Form
  3. Receive an email on your 'Membership status' right after the registration form has been submitted and processed.

Unfortunately, you can’t enroll at the moment.

All payments can be made through the online app via the following payment options:

  • FPX
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • E-Wallet

Unfortunately, you can't as users must either be a Malaysian citizen or a foreigner who resides and possesses a Malaysian working visa alongside with a valid Malaysian bank account.

User will be notified via e-mail on his/her “independent XP Membership Status” after the registration form has been submitted and processed.

You can earn the reward points by making FINTOS-related transactions via your FINTOS app, such as purchasing the FintScore Report, FintOS FMCG products, applying for a loan or purchasing a property.

Kindly email support@fintos.tech for assistance. Please provide your full name and contact number in your email.

  1. Download the FintOS application
  2. Choose your desired course
  3. Receive an email on your 'Membership status' right after the registration form has been submitted and processed.

  4. Received e-mail after the registration form has been submitted and processed.

Contact us

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